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“This is still America. And if we get enough people; if enough of us speak out – then they will listen to what we have to say.”
Charlestown Resident and Retired Veteran.

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Easy-to-copy Email List:

The following list is for easy copy-pasting and includes the elected and appointed officials below.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sample Letters:

Based on the data we have, the overwhelming majority of the community opposes the project. We have prepared sample letters you can use to express your opposition here.

Elected Officials:

Name Email Phone
Mayor Michelle Wu 617-635-4500
Tiffany Chu, Chief of Staff to Mayor Wu
Sean Breen, Mayor’s Liaison for Chralestown 617-538-3674
Gabriela Coletta, City Councillor, District 1 617-635-3200
Elizabeth Sanchez, Chief of Staff to Gabriela Coletta
Elaine Donovan, Constituent Services for Gabriela Coletta
State Rep. Dan Ryan, 2nd Suffolk. [Wrote to the BPDA opposing the project] 617-722-2460
Andretti Stanziani, Legislative Aide to Rep. Ryan
State Senator Sal DiDomenico, Middlesex and Suffolk 617-722-1650
Erin Murphy, City Councillor, At Large 617-635-3115
David Mareira, Chief of Staff to Erin Murphy
Tommy Mannion, Constituent Services for Erin Murphy
Julia Mejia, City Councillor, At Large 617-635-4217
Michael Flaherty, City Councillor, At Large 617-635-4205
Ruthzee Louijeune, City Councillor, At Large 617-635-4376
Ed Flynn, City Council President and Councillor, District 2 617-635-3203
Kendra Lara, City Councillor, District 6 617-635-4220
Lee Nave, Chief of Staff to Kendra Lara
Jacqueline Celestino, Director of Communications for Kendra Lara
Liz Breadon, City Councillor, District 9 617-635-3113
Frank Baker, City Councillor, District 3 617-635-3455
Brian Worrell, City Councillor, District 4 617-635-3131
Lindsey Santana, Chief of Staff to Brian Worrell
Ayomide Olumuyiwa, Constituent Services Coordinator for Brian Worrell
Lotan Mizrahi, Director of Communications and Scheduling for Brian Worrell
Ricardo Arroyo, City Councillor, District 5 617-635-4210
Tania Fernandes Anderson, City Councillor, District 7 617-635-3510
Sharon Durkan, City Councilor, District 8 617-635-4225

Appointed City Officials:

Sheila A. Dillon, Chief of Housing 617-635-4353
Rev. Mariama Whitehammod, Chief of Environment, Energy and Open Space 617-635-3850
James Jemison, Chief of Planning and Director of BPDA
Dr. Alison Brizius, Commissioner of Environment Department
Jason Ruggiero, BPDA Liasion for Charlestown 617-918-4383
Kenzie Bok, Administrator of the Boston Housing Authority

Write to the YMCA Management

Paul Falvey, Chief Financial
Joe Gaeta, Executive
Irene Collins, Chief Communications
Bridgette Ridlon, Associate Executive

About Us

We are the residents of Charlestown who teamed up to create Charlestown Voice and this website:
Alex Poliakov
Mark Gallagher
Nancy Mara-Aldrich
Bob O’Leary
Rosemary Macero
Renee Y.
Clare A.
Tara Clark
Melissa Doherty Brennan
Patrice N.
and others.

Special thanks to Dr. Gerald Angoff for sharing his expertise, helping us interpret the scientific research and allowing us to republish his Patriot Bridge letter.

We’d like to acknowledge and thank the following supporters in the community:
Karen DiPietro
Jennifer M.
Marie Cullen Oliver
Connie Gutierrez
Csilla Ilkei
Kelly Flynn
Laura Gallagher
Ola S.
Chris Merluzzo
Phil Sharry
Edward R.
Janet D.
Kathia C.
Tushar N. Patel
Eugenia K.
Sophie A.
Sandra TL.
Tracy I.

If you live in Charlestown, support our work, and you’d like to contribute or add your name to the list of supporters, please email

We are most grateful for the hundreds of Charlestown residents who subscribed, wrote to us and helped spread the word. 

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